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Love the blog & the recipes!!! The ones I have made my 3 dogs love!
Valerie W.
Hi! I found your site some time back while looking for variety recipes for my K9 crew! Don’t want them to get bored. :-) Love all the information and refer back frequently. Good job!
Marcia, Harrisville MS
I love Kirby’s recipes. I have 3 yorkies and I am very careful about what they eat - I want them to remain healthy as long as possible.
Carol P.
I have made Muttloaf, Chicken & Greens, & Shepards Pie. I made the Chicken & Greens again Tuesday & Mollie & Ollie love it. I enjoy Kirby’s website oh so much !!!
Lynn M
The pill pockets were great! Thank you so much for the recipe. My dog loves em and they are so easy.
Linda A.
We have Lagotto’s and I am addicted to all dog recipes and your blog is fantastic with all the information. Thank you so much for sharing this with everyone.
Angela D
Hi Kirby, just want to let you know I made the cheeseburger treats for my little Bella and she LOVES them!!! Oh and you are so adorable Kirby!! Bella gives you hugs and kisses, and thanks you for giving her mommy the recipe for the cheeseburger treats!
Molly E.
I think you’re doing some wonderful work, and I applaud your efforts. It’s heartening to find other people who work so hard to see to it that their animals are healthy and happy.
Cathy T.
Rowdy and I love your blog. I save your recipes and someday will make them! We have been reading it for awhile now and Kirby is so cute! My hubby told me to tell you he loves Kirby! Cute little guy.
Cindi T
Thank you for providing this wonderful site, giving us great snack ideas, humor, sharing your love of our canine friends, and much, much more! I am owned by two rambunctious yorkies and I have so much fun trying out new treats from your recipes. And boy, do I get the wet kisses!
Ginger F.
I would first like to say I am loving your site! The carob bark was a huge hit for our two :) Thank you so much for sharing your recipes, I am going to try them all!
Christa R.
I have always wanted to thank you for sharing all of your stories & pictures of Sweet Kirby! During the sad times of my Mama’s failing health, you & Kirby were always a “Ray of Sunshine” for me, and your site was, and is, always the 1st site that I check in the morning! Please know how you both have brightened so many lives, in ways you will never know!
Carol & Miss Tootsie
I love making dog treats for my 3 dogs and for my friends’ dogs. I have made several of the recipes from the blog. Please keep blogging all the great recipes.
Barbara M.
I really love your web site! It is so easy to use and you have provided all of the information one needs to keep their dog happy and healthy! Thank you so much for helping all of us dog parents.

I found your site today while doing research for my pet treats. I have just started a new pet treat business. I have already created my recipes and they have only healthy and nutritional ingredients like the ones list. Your recipes are awesome too and I will certainly try them for my dog at home (not to sell, no worries). I was inspired to make treats that are better than what is currently offered at the stores. So many times I found myself forced to buy treats that had a few compromising ingredients but there were no better choices and if there was the price was ridiculous! I will occasionally join your blog and offer tips that I have to share with everyone. I feel like I am in the environment that I have been searching for all along on your web site.
And, your dogs are adorable! Before Zoe, our labradoodle, I had two silky terriers that I cooked for food & treats. Zoe is bigger, eats more, demands more :)
Cindy R.

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