Utilizing Confinement - Cage Training, Is it Normal?

PHOTO CREDIT: Tamar, the loved dog

PHOTO CREDIT: Tamar, the loved dog

For dog owners, it is extremely normal to purchase a cage when it comes to training your dog. This is something that many dog owners feel they need to do, especially in the beginning when the puppy is learning how to use the bathroom outside, instead of inside or when the puppy chews on items when someone is not around. The cage can also provide the dog with a safe place for them to go when they do not feel comfortable, making it their own ‘room’ instead of a punishment for them. However, it is also important to note that you should get the right sized cage for the dog that you have.

Crate Training Can Be Helpful for Many Dog Owners

There are dog owners that prefer to keep their dogs out all the time and this is a good thing for them, if they feel confident in their dog and the training that they have done. Some just use it for the first year of the dog’s life and then allow them to come and go from the cage as needed. This is entirely up to the dog owner. If you want to use a cage to do dog training with, then that is not something that is usually frowned upon since this gives the dog a safe place for them to go and stay when needed. It also allows the owner to fully potty train the dog, as well.

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