The Wicker Pet Residence

We are huge fans of Solvit who's slogan is "No Pet Left Behind". Solvit has been helping pets spend more time with their humans by providing high quality products for travel, active life, therapeutic and senior care. These are quality products that are not only quite stylish but made to last a lifetime.

We highly recommend their products because we use their products. Honestly Kirby is the Solvit Dog! He outgrew and upgraded from the Tagalong Pet Booster Seat to the Solvit's Pet Safety Seat which is easy to install or remove, lets him see out the windows, and gives him his own safe space.  He always travels with his Solvit Homeaway Travel Organizer.  He uses the PupSTEP Plus Pet Stairs to look out the window of his playroom and the Wood PupSTEP Stairs to get on and off my high bed.

I was thrilled when they asked if we wanted to review the Wicker Pet Residence since we use a wire crate and we all know how ugly those are.  You’re probably wondering why I would want a crate since Kirby has a playroom to stay in when I’m away from home.

Why and When to Crate A Dog

Kirby was crate trained as a puppy.  It was his safe place and the easiest way to house train him.  He never goes in it anymore so I make him stay in it for about 10 minutes every now and then to reinforce that it’s a safe place.  He doesn’t understand why but calmly sits until I open the door and give him a treat.  It’s ok if he doesn’t understand because I do.  I know that after Hurricane Katrina President Bush signed the Pets Evacuation and Transportation Standards Act (PETS) requiring states seeking Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) assistance in their plans for evacuating residents  facing disasters must accommodate pets and service animals.  I also know that those pets are kenneled in crates stacked on top of each other away from the people staying there.  Owners can visit them but can’t take them into the areas with cots.  In the event of a disaster, Kirby will be stressed and he will be upset being separated from me.

Now I mostly use it for our fosters.  Some of them prefer the security in the first few days.  If they aren’t fully house trained, they will sleep in it the first few nights. We had one foster who could only calm down enough to eat when she was in the crate. Once she was done, she would bark to be let out.

The Wicker Pet Residence

This is not your ordinary crate.  It’s beautiful enough to serve as an end table in the living room creating a safe but fashionable den.  The Rhino Wicker™ material won’t absorb fluids or odors and cleans up easily with soap and water while the protective, non slip feet raise it up off the floor.  The spring loaded door latch easily latches shut, swings wide open, or swings inside latching to the inside wall so it’s out of the way.  The double tough pan protects flooring and catches spills and easily removes for cleaning.

It’s very easy to assemble – I had it put together in less than 10 minutes – and comes in the following sizes: 

  • Small - 24”D x 21”H x 18”W for small dogs up to 12” in height at the shoulders.
  • Medium - 30”D x 24”H x 21”W for medium dogs up to 17” in height at the shoulders.
  • Large - 36”D x 27”H x 24”W for large dogs up to 22” in height at the shoulders.
  • X-Large - 42”D x 31”H x 28”W for extra large dogs up to 27” in height at the shoulders.

Kirby is not a chewer so I don't know if it would hold up to an avid chewer.  The wicker is on the outside but can be reached through the wires if the dog is persistent.  

Disclosure:   We received this product to review and were not compensated in any other way. Our opinions are solely based on our experience with the product and knowledge of the company which we approve.