The Tail-A-Dogga Race

I am a champion! Really, I am!  Let me tell you all about my adventure which happened last month on a weekend on the coast. I know I'm late in writing my story but do you know how hard it is to use a keypad with paws? No wonder hoomans have fingers!

Where We Went

Mama heard about the Barktoberfest Festival on the coast in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi and asked me if I wanted to go.  I asked her what the heck was that an she handed me the flyer she had printed out.  A parade, a trick contest, a costume contest and, wait for it, a real dachshund race!  I had read about them over on Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund's blog and dreamed of the day I could race in one ever since.  I'm fast as the wind when I wants to be so I attributes my speed to my dachshund heritage and it was that dachshund in me saying, oh my doggie, yes, yes, yes!  


We left on Friday after mama got home from work.  Doug came with us cos I knew I woulds need his manly expertise since mama, not being the athletic type, doodles mostly with recipes and picture taking.  Don't get me wrong, I love dressing up and being uber cute for the camera cos it makes her so happy but underneath all this adorkable cuteness is the body of an athlete!  Now just to catch you up to date iffen you didn't already know, I am a Dorkie which means I is a Dachshund and Yorkie mix. Iffen you look at me you mostly see the Yorkie which attributes to my cuteness factor but iffen you shaved off my coat you would see the muscular, strong long body of a Dachshund.

We drove until we got there which was around midnight.  Mama had googled to find two hotels that were dog friendly so we did a drive by of each. Well you must know we stayed at the one mama thought had the most character - she said it looked the beachiest. We settled in for the night.  I did get a little restless jumping from one bed to the other to check on my hoomans and I did bark when I heard someone outside. One of them would say "hush Kirby" and then I would do my barely audible woof just so my hoomans would know I was on guard watchin over them.

The Big Day

We were up bright an early the next morning.  Mama, not bein a mornin person, was quiet as she enjoyed several cups of coffee.  Doug and I know how she is so we took several trips outside to explore.  It was all new and I could smell something kinda tangy that Doug told me was the ocean. I was intrigued to say the least! I just knew this was gonna be a wonderful day, I could just smell it in the air! 

Finally we were in the car ready to ride. There was a long road we drove on and the whole time I could see the biggest lake I ever saw.  It was so big I couldn't see the other side. Mama said it was the ocean and we would visit it later. I bout couldn't wait to walk on that white stuff they said was sand!  Soon we pulled up and parked the car at the festival.

There were booths of stuff and everywhere I looked there were dogs.  Big dogs and little dogs. Tall dogs and short dogs. Fancy dogs and simple dogs.  Some were wearin costumes but I didn't have mine on yet, I mean I gotta has some dignity in a new place with new smells and new people and most importantly, new dogs. I knows I is tough but I still look like one of the little guys to them.

Blessing of the Animals

We walked around while I did my customary poses for mama's camera until it was time for the Blessing of the Animals.  I was blessed last year but mama said you can't be blessed too many times.  It was a big crowd so we was kinda near the back.  The priest said the blessing and then he sprinkled holy water out into the crowd.  I know for a fact not one drop touched my coat so I told mama we hads to go see the priest before he left so I could be properly blessed. He was so kind as he bent over me, placed a hand on my head and said a short prayer for my health and prosperity.  Then he sprinkled my whole body with some holy water.  I pretty sure I heard God whisper "Good boy Kirby" in my ear. 

The Pet Parade

The next event was the pet parade.  I have lots of costumes so I dint know what I would be until mama pulled it out of the car.  Prince Charming!  That worked for me since, as I mentioned, I hads to maintain my dignity an I dint want to walk around with one of them  anipal costumes on. I mean why does hoomans think a dog pretendin to be a monkey is a good idea?  Anyways we all lined up and then we all walked.  Doug walked with me so mama (surprise, surprise) could take pictures.  There were some amazing costumes. Even some of the hoomans was dressed in costumes to match their dog's costumes.  As soon as I realized this, I asked why my hoomans weren't in costumes.  Mama said they were dressed as my pawrents.  Whatever! Anyways, I have to agrees with the judges on the winning "couple". Can you believe their costumes was made out of garbage bags? Pawsome work!

pet parade collage
1st place

Tricks For Treats

The trick contest was next but not for a while so we walked over to the row of historic lookin buildings cos mama said it would make a great backdrop for more pictures. We were at the historic Bay St Louis Depot and it turned out the buildings were all bars so Doug and mama got some beers while I had a fresh cup of water.  They did have bowls of water set out everywhere for the dogs but I just dont like to drink from them.  Guess what happened next? We missed the trick contest! I was a little miffed about that when I found out what the winning dog did. He waved and caught a treat in his mouth. Are you kidding me? I just know I coulda been the winner with my extensive repertoir of tricks!  I did eventually forgive my hoomans cos that's what us dogs do but I did warn them this better not happen next year.

depot Collage

The Big Event

Finally it was time to warm up for the race!  They were having two - one for dachshunds and one for dachshund wannabees.  The hoomans in charge looked at me as I handed them one of my personal business cards which clearly said Dorkie on it.  When mama explained what a Dorkie is they said they could now see my dachshundness which meant I was in!  Mama said iffen they had said no, she woulda begged to let me do it even iffen I was disqualified cos she just wanted to see iffen I coulds do it.  I was just glad they dint put me with the wannabees cos I dont "wants" to be what I already is!

They had a track set up just like a real race.  Some of the dogs was practicing so we decided I should too just to make sure I knew what to do.  Really?  You're not sure I know how to run from here to there?  So Doug holds me while mama walks to the finish line, turns around, and calls my name. Easy!  Then came the part I dint understand. While the other dogs kept practicing mama decided I dint need anymore so I had to sit and w a i t for the race to begin. I admit I whined a bit in protest but she said something about not wearing me out and to hush.  I hushed.

The race!  They removed my leash and harness and mama walked away to the other end, turned around, and just stood there looking at me.  I never took my eyes off of her even as I sense the other dogs was lining up next to me.  I was raring to go so it was all Doug could do to hold on to me. Ready. Set. Go!  The very second I felt Doug let go I shot off like a bottle rocket! It occurred to me that the other dogs was runnin in the same direction I was which spurred me on to get to mama before they did which is probably the reason I won the race.  

I won this silly lookin cap with ears hangin off the sides which doesn't seem like such a great prize until you know that Doug wore it around the festival the rest of the day - priceless! He refused to let mama take his picture but of course I is always willin to pose for the camera.


I has to say it was a great dog festival raising lots of money for the animal shelter and I did my hoomans proud. Later we went to the beach and we ate at a seafood place but that's another story I'll tell you about later. 

Wags an kisses,