The Sun Herald

When we went to Barktoberfest on the Mississippi coast I had 30 minutes of fame!  The first fifteen minutes was being chosen to have my picture in The Sun Herald, a local newspaper in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi.  It all started cos mama said, "Oh what fun! Let's get Kirby's paw read!"


Of course mama had to take pictures of this event which led to people gathering around to watch and hear what the medium would predict for me. Now I has to admits that I was worried she might predict something embarassing like I would have to poop in the near future. Instead she said I was a happy pup with lots of personalty that would one day lead me to be a very famous pup. I had just started imaginin what all that fame an fortune would be like when a lady walked up and asked if she could take a picture of me for the local paper.  Since I am always willing to make my fans smile and I am always happy to get new fans I said "woof" which my mamager (mama + manager) was more than happy to translate to "oh of course he would love that!"  

They is gonna know me from Central Mississippi where I lives to South Mississippi! I is wonderin if this is what it means to mark my territory? Hmmm, here I comes North Mississippi!

That other fifteen minutes of fame? When I won the Tail-A-Dogga Race of course!

Get your wag on,