The Human Magic

This pin I came across on Pinterest really made me say wow! I never thought about how a dog sees the world from their perspective. For the fortunate dog who is loved, it must seem like a magical world filled with such adventure and mystery.  We understand how things work but to a dog we must appear as great hunters bringing home bags of fresh kill (groceries), great fun finding entertaining objects to play with (dog toys), and great travelers with access to something that can whisk us away to new adventures (cars).  No wonder they see us as the leaders of their pack!

car ride.jpg

I know I've wondered what Kirby must think when he recognizes a voice he knows speak to him over the bluetooth in the car. What about when we've gone through the car wash? Does he think we are under attack? Then there are the times I've seen him watching the tv. Does he think it's the most amazing window he's ever seen? He's always so curious about everything, whether it's something new or just a little different than usual.  Is he trying to figure it out or simply taking it all in, one glorious adventure at a time?

What about your dog? Is he or she always amazed at the magic their human can do?