The Heart Dogs: Miss Tootsie

Miss Tootsie

My Dog's Name         Miss Tootsie

Age Of My Dog         10 Years Old (11 on February 8, 2014)

Gender                       Female

Breed                         Dorkie

Home                         New Hampshire

What you love most about your Heart Dog    My heart was broken after losing Max, our Westie, in June 2005. While visiting CVHS in Dover, NH 9 months later, our eyes met & that was it for us! Ashley & I had been volunteering there for 4 1/2 years cleaning dog cages, walking the dogs, doing laundry, etc. I passed Miss Tootsie's cage, our eyes locked, & the rest is history! Miss Tootsie & I have been through the highs & lows of life, including losing my precious Mama @ the age of almost 88 on July 12, 2011. She is my lifeline when I need a warm hug, a little touch from her delicate paw & a soft kiss. We love to stare into each other’s eyes, & there is an understanding between us...A bond so strong that it will never be broken! Initially, I rescued her from a life on the streets of Tennessee, & she rescued me from a life of sadness after losing Max. The happiness & love that we share cannot be put into words...It can only be felt!

Pawrents                   Carol & John Norton

Miss Tootsie

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