The Heart Dogs: Mickey


My Dog's Name         Mickey

Age Of My Dog          3 Years Old

Gender                        Male

Breed                          Yorkie

Home                          Miami Lakes, Florida

What you love most about your Heart Dog    The way he kicks his leg like a rabbit when he’s settling down for bed.  His curiosity in everything we pass on our walks. Blowing leaves, bugs, people, acorns — they’re all fascinating to Mickey. His little nose that looks like a little kid tried to color it in with a brown marker — and missed. The way he wakes me up every morning with a high pitched yawn and then immediately turns on his back for the first belly rub of the day. His polite and focused fearlessness when he first meets a new cat (he loves them!) or a dog three times his size. The way he looks me in the eye and cocks his head to one side when I talk to him, like he’s really trying to understand whatever it is I’m blathering on about. His total openness to loving and being loved by everyone he meets.

Pawrent                   Adriana


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