The Heart Dogs: Lola

Dog's Name            Lola

Age of My Dog        6 years old

Gender                     Female

Breed                       Chihuahua/Dachshund/Beagle Mix

Home                       Bowling Green, Kentucky

What you love most about your Heart Dog       Lola is my little shy diva.  I adopted her from a rescue who was overflowing with puppies rescued from a mill.  The moment they placed her in my hands, I fell in love with her.  I took her home that same evening.  She was tiny and very sick.  It took several weeks for her to get well, but she is a healthy girl now.  She adores her big brother Negi and loves to play with him.  Lola loves to snuggle with Negi at bedtime.  She is a cuddle bug!

Pawrent                 Melba

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