The Heart Dogs: Kinko

My Dog's Name         Kinko

Age Of My Dog          1 1/2 years

Gender                       male

Breed                         Shih Tzu

Home                         California

What you love most about your Heart Dog        It was puppy love at first site when my mommy and daddy saw me. My memaw and pawpaw picked me out of the bunch to go with them and when they came to visit there was no turning back. I'm special cause I have a little kink on the end of my tail so they named me kinko cute huh!?! my parents can't just pick one thing that is special about me cause I'm just a package full of special. I love them just as much as they love me! I'm just a cool little shih tzu that loves the water, the beach and the snow and what better place to have that then California!!! 

Pet Pawrent(s)              Nia Martinez and Fred Rainey


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