The Heart Dogs: Hunter

Dog's Name                 Hunter

Age of My Dog            10 years old

Gender                          Male

Breed                            Jack Russell

Home                            Littleton, Colorado

What you love most about your Heart Dog       His loyalty and love.  Quite an interesting story how I bought him.  I was with my daughter in a pet store that I had not been in for at least 20 years.  Wasn't looking for a dog as we already had 2 JRT females in the house.  I inquired about his pedigree and was told his mother's name was Sheila Smith.  I turned white at the desk, the lady asked what was wrong and I told her that was my name.  I asked if she meant the breeder and she said no, his mother.  There was not any question about buying him and he is truly my dog.  We share everything.  He sleeps next to me, touching me and has since 6 weeks old.  We have a very amazing relationship.

Do you cook for your dog?  Absolutely

Pawrent                       Sheila Smith

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