The Heart Dogs: Harley

Dog's Name                  Harley

Age of My Dog            10 years old

Gender                          Male

Breed                            Schnorkie

Home                           Houston, Texas

What you love most about your Heart Dog       His spunky boingy bigger than life personality! He's always ready for a game, walk or a cuddle. Harley is easily the most cuddly and affectionate little guy. He's seen me through some really dark days and always meets me with a smile and a wiggly nubby tail. Harley's hobbies include kibble scattering, stinky sock hunting, tug o' fetch with Dad, general couch potatoing, selfies with mom, performing much needed stuffectomies on a variety of critters, and warm laundry.

Do you cook for your dog?   Harley has severe allergies and has a strict, gluten free, vegan diet. It's honestly a challenge to find tasty recipes for him. Some of his favorite things are salad - yes salad! I think he likes the crunch! Peas and carrots and bell peppers. Roasted sweet potatoes and watermelon!

Pawrents                      Jessica & Jeremy Graham

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