The Heart Dogs: Evie

Dog's Name             Evie

Age of My Dog        4 years old

Gender                      Female

Breed                        Dorkie

Home                        Houston Texas

What you love most about your Heart Dog    She was found on New Year’s Eve, 2011, struggling on the side of a busy road near NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas.  A metro bus driver turned around after his shift which was ending around midnight. He found her and took her to a boarding facility called Rover Oaks that was open late. She was taken by a rescue and though they thought her leg was broken, in fact she had apparently been tossed from a car on that cold rainy night. She was about five months at the time. Turns out she had to have her front leg amputated because the damage was too bad to save it. I saw her on a fox news station and knew I was meant to have her. She is the most loving dog, forgiving of the pain some person caused her and is the joy of mine and my family's life. Everyone who meets her falls in love. I always tell people she rescued me, not us rescuing her. She is a most precious gift.

Do you cook for your dog?  All the time. She loves eggs, home made treats, yogurt, roasted and boiled chicken, We have breakfast in bed every Sunday, just Evie, my Yorkie Stewie, who is a whole other story but is an absolute sweetheart, our 12 year old Doberman Beau, another adored one, and my husband.

Pawrents                Rebecca and Kenny Saunders

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