The Heart Dogs: Charlie


My Dog's Name         Charlie (Chuck)

Age Of My Dog          1 year 4 months Old

Gender                        Male

Breed                          Yorkshire Terrier

Home                         Joliet, MT USA

What you love most about your Heart Dog    How do I decide what I love most?? My pup is my constant companion. He literally goes almost everywhere with me. He loves to learn new tricks and perform them for treats! Carrots are his all time favorite treats! He loves swimming and if you run a bath, you better be ready for company! Charlie can cheer me up in any circumstance. He loves to cuddle and has licked my tears away more than once. He snuggles into my covers at night and I love to hear his little snore. When we go in the car, he rides on my shoulders to look out the window. He is a fan of the defrost and sleeping on the dash when it's cold. I can't remember what life was like before Charlie... I hope he knows I love him as much as he loves me!

Pawrent                    Carly May


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