The Heart Dogs: Bitsey Boo

Dog's Name               Bitsey Boo

Age of My Dog          3 – 4 years old

Gender                        Female

Breed                          Bichon poo

Home                          Warwick, RI USA

What you love most about your Heart Dog       Bitsey is a rescue. She was an owner surrender. She rescued me in May, 2014. She was two pounds and had the name of Dotty. I changed it because she was so tiny. She was so matted, she had to be shaved when she was spayed. She was a timid little girl. I added her to my pack which is now four!

She is thankful everyday, I can see it in her eyes. I don't know what she went through in the past, but there are times when she becomes so afraid, she shakes! I was told she was picked on by big dogs in her former house. She loves to ride in the car, belly rubs and being pretty!
I can't imagine life without her, she rescued me!
Oh and she loves the Dorkie!

Pawrent                      Lisa DiRaimo

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