The Heart Dogs: Annie

Dog's Name                Annie

Age of My Dog           13 years old

Gender                        Female

Breed                           Mixed breed - Lab and Blue Heeler

Home                           Kalkaska, Michigan, USA

What you love most about your Heart Dog       Annie is such a sweetheart, I'm not sure that there is something I love the most about her, I love everything about her. I find myself wanting to tell our life story. I love how highly intelligent Annie is. I love how she just knew whenever I was sad, she would show me love. I love how she always was at my side, never complaining, never retaliating, always faithful. 

I know I am speaking of Annie in the past tense and she hasn't crossed the rainbow bridge yet (though I know she's very close), however Annie chose to stay and live with my parents when I married and moved about 3.5 years ago. I tried and tried to take Annie to the new home several times and she loved to go visit but she didn't want to stay, she would always look at me with the question "are we going home now". So as much as it hurt me to not have her be a part of my every day life anymore, I talked with my parents who were very happy to keep Annie. And it really was better for Annie because my Mom had retired and was home with her all day, every day. And I love that Annie became my Dad's faithful companion, and that they have all 3 ( my parents and Annie) enjoyed their golden years together.

Do you cook for your dog? At times I would make homemade dog treats for Annie and she loved them!

Pawrent                       Missy McCoy

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