The Adirondack Pet Chair

For only $149 you can get this amazing adirondack pet bed...

If you're like us and don't have $149 to spend on an outside pet bed, then get consider The Adirondack Pet Chair.  We caught ours on sale through Groupon for only $25 and checking the internet they are selling for roughly $25 - $30 from various stores.

It looks sharp on our deck measuring 22"L x 14 1/4"W x 13"H and is strong enough for small to medium dogs up to 30 lbs.  I really wanted it for outside on the deck but since it's made from pressed wood, it's not going to hold up to the weather although the reversible pad is waterproof.  I plan to brush a good polyurethane on it but for now it's hanging out in the dining room.

Adirondack Bed

Kirby used it while it was outside but ignores it inside as there are more comfy places for him to choose. On the other hand our foster Patches decided she would make use of it.  It's really cute but would never survive a rambunctious or heavy dog. A chewer would have it in shreds. Overall given the low price, we give it three paws. (Four if it becomes weather worthy with the polyurethane) 

It's pretty easy and straight forward to put together with a screwdriver in roughly ten minutes.

Do you have this pet bed? What are your thoughts on it?

Disclosure: We purchased The Adirondack Pet Chair through Groupon.