Take Your Dog To Work Day

Today, June 17, is National "Take Your Dog To Work Day".  This annual event was created in 1999 by Pet Sitters International to celebrate the great companions dogs make and to encourage their adoption from humane societies, animal shelters and breed rescue clubs. It's an internationally recognized day for pet lovers to celebrate the humane-canine bond and promote pet adoption by encouraging employers to open their workplace to employees' four-legged friends on this one special day.

The entire week, June 17-21, is "Take Your Pet To Work Week" giving companies closed on Fridays the chance to select any day during the week to host a special event at their workplace.

Since I don't have a "job" to go to right now I'm doing a lot of work on the website, fixing this and adding that. Kirby has never gone to work with me in the past. Today he is my sidekick following me around like a lost puppy.  

It's really hot so I decided to pull out his puppy pool. He loves to swim in a real pool or the lake. but not this thing. He'll jump in to fetch his toys out but that's it. It took quite a few treats to finally coax him to sit. Down never happened and when I was done, he jumped right out.


So today Kirby really did go to work with me.  Did you take your dog to work today?