Sweet Boy Troy



Meet our most recent foster dog, Troy, who is estimated to be about 7 to 8 months old.  He joined us September 26, 2013 and left on the Homeward Bound Transport heading north on October 26, 2013.  It was another bittersweet day for Kirby and I filled with a tearful goodbye even knowing he will be with his furever family.

I share a lot of pictures and activities on Kirby's Facebook Page and then write a post about our fosters right before they actually leave us until this boy. It's always hard to say goodbye but it's becoming so much more of a struggle to let go. This time it was just too hard and I chose not to think about it even though all I did was think about it.  I filled out the necessary questions for HB but couldn't bring myself to write anything more. 

I always let Kirby take the lead with our fosters while I supply the food and cuddles. Each one has adored him and stuck by his side becoming inseparable.  Troy was different.  He loved playing with Kirby but sought me out more.  Where the others settled down with Kirby at the end of my recliner or in one of the many dog beds, Troy insisted settling down by my side with his head on my lap as I worked.  Where the others would sleep near Kirby or some part of their body touching me throughout the night, Troy would curl up within the curve of my neck or chest.  The times Kirby would snuggle close to me were the times Troy would work his way in between us where he would remain. 

I always fall in love with our fosters which breaks my heart when they leave.  Troy was the most painful to let go because he chose me. It's true each one takes a piece of my heart and it seems tiny little Troy took the largest piece.


These are the standard questions that each foster fills out to indicate various behavioral traits which will be helpful to the staff awaiting his arrival and pending adoption.  It's critical that the person(s) adopting him know what to expect in order to establish the right placement cementing a forever home.


For the most part he is house broken.  The weather has turned chilly here causing the grass to be wet and cold in the mornings which he very much does not like.  I have found that I need to take him off the deck to a grassy area. He would immediately run for the deck until I began using a leash to keep him there until he potties.

Good With Other Dogs?

Yes.  He and Kirby have become great buddies.  Troy loves to play and is virtually fearless. 


Good With Cats?

Yes.  We have two cats.  Troy will follow them and whimper because he can't reach them when they jump up on something.  There have been times he has been nose to nose with our sweet cat Kaitlyn and all he has done is wag his tail.  When he encounters our mean one Chelsea, he has learned to back up to avoid her swats. 

Good With Kids?

Yes.  He is very gentle with my 9 month grandson. For a dog who is full of energy he seems to know when to be still. 


Rides Well In Car?

Yes. Troy loves riding in the car. He shares Kirby's car seat and insists on sitting by the window where he can look out.  He hasn't experienced any car sickness.



Yes and no. He is used to a leash attached to his harness.  It doesn't faze him at all even when his leash gets tangled with Kirby's leash.  If I say stop, he stops so I can untangle them. He is not trained to heel.


Yes.  He stays in a LARGE crate in Kirby's playroom when I go to work.  He expects his breakfast so he is quietly eating when I leave.  He uses the puppy pad keeping his bed dry.  He drinks from an attached water bottle so no messes.  I hear him start crying when I get home and take him outside to potty where he zooms around the yard playing with Kirby. 

Knows Basic Commands?

Sort of.  He knows sit at treat time or meal time but it takes him a minute to calm down to do it. I just wait until he does sit. He knows what "No" and "Stop" mean.  He's very smart and figures things out quickly. 


Troy was available for adoption on Saturday, November 2nd at the SPCA of Westchester in Briarcliff Manor, New York where he was adopted by his forever family. 


To learn more about other dogs looking for forever homes, visit Petfinder, or your local shelter or rescue. Someone is waiting for you!