Snack 21 Salmon Skin Bones

Who Is Snack 21?

Twenty five years ago a man with a respected seafood export business had a dog that developed a food allergy and, as they say, the rest is history.

Snack21®, owned by Pacific 21 Mercantile Ltd, set a goal to give people a choice for their pet's health and happiness changing the way you "treat" your pet.

Their first products, Herring Steaks for cats and Herring Strips for dogs, were introduced in 1996 followed by Pacific Whiting for cats and dogs. In 2001, Salmon Fillets for big dogs was introduced as a result of consumer demand for a larger sized treat. Just two years ago the company added Salmon Skin Rolls for dogs, a 100% natural chew as a "healthy" alternative to rawhide bones. In 2004, Salmon Skin Bones was introduced as a longer lasting chew for moderate to aggressive chewers. In 2005 Salmon Sushi Rolls for Dogs was introduced as a unique and healthy treat. In 2006 they introduced their first food topper, Salmon Flakes for Cats and Dogs.

All of their products are 100% manufactured at their plant in Richmond, B.C., Canada from the cutting of the fish to the packaging of product to ensure quality, consistency and traceability.

The Product

We received the Salmon Skin Bones which measure 4 1/2 inches x 2 inches.

What Are The Ingredients?

Only 100% Wild Pacific Salmon, a natural source of Omega 3 fatty acids, proteins, natural vitamins and minerals.  That means NO additives, preservatives, coloring or artificial flavoring.

What Did Kirby Think?

Kirby thought we had entered the golden gates of Heaven! It was beyond easy to get him to run through his entire repertoire of tricks in anticipation of just tasting the heavenly fish aroma wafting before his nose. Once he had the bone between his paws he began a diligent quest to chew every divine inch of salmon skin not stopping until it was completely devoured. He has always loved the flavors of fish in any form so this treat was, is, at the top of his most favorite ever list.

Final Word

Pros: Kirby is a voracious chewer. Antlers are too hard for his teeth and rawhide is much too dangerous so his only long lasting choices have been bully sticks with a pig ear or yak now and then.  I dehydrate a bag of skinless fish fillets at least once a month but on my budget I can't afford whole fish so dehydrating the skin is not an option. These last as long as a single bully stick but not near as long as a triple braided bully stick. That makes these chews a fantastic addition both from a healthy standpoint and a financial standpoint.

Cons: They do have a fishy smell which isn't near as bad as a bully stick and the fish scales flake off though they are easily vacuumed up.  Kirby has eaten these on my crimson red couch with no stains whatsoever. The only concern I would have is if your dog swallows before completely chewing. Kirby likes to eat the center then tackle the two round ends. If he didn't chew them up they could become lodged causing an obstruction that could mean surgical removal. So if your dog doesn't completely chew I would recommend the Salmon Skin Rolls or Salmon Jumbo Fillets.

Entirely Pets carries the individually wrapped Salmon Skin Bones for $2.99 (on sale now for $1.79) and a box of 18 Salmon Skin Bones for $37.99 (on sale now for $28.99) along with several other Snack 21 products. I've already placed my order for a box for Christmas.

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Disclosure:  We have a working relationship with Entirely Pets who sent us this product to review. We were not compensated in any other way.  Our opinions are solely based on our experience with the products and knowledge of the company which we approve.