Remember Me Thursday


Do you live with a rescue dog? Did you know that only 30% of pets in US households come from rescue facilities?  Did you know that each year it's estimated that over 3.4 million shelter pets lose their lives without finding their forever home?

Kirby is not a rescued dog but he has rescued me in so many ways.  Realizing how blessed we are, we began fostering one rescue dog at a time through The Homeward Bound Project of MS.  Two of our dearly loved fosters were pulled from the shelter within hours of being euthanized.  Gracie, a large hound, and Dobbie, a small Terrier mix, were very much alike in their personalities as both showed such sweet affection, a gentleness, and a zest for life.  Thankfully, I don't have to light a candle for these two who are living grand lives with their forever families.

Remember Me Thursday is a global awareness campaign held annually on the fourth Thursday of September uniting animal lovers and animal welfare organizations with a pet candle lighting ceremony. The candles are to remember the millions of pets who have lost their lives without the benefit of a loving home and to shine a light on the millions of healthy pets who are still awaiting adoption.  The hope is to encourage individuals to opt to adopt thus reducing the millions of shelter animals euthanized every year.

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This campaign is championed by Mike Arms, President and CEO of Helen Woodward Animal Center, and creator of both the International Pet Adoptathon and successful Home 4 The Holidays program which, in partnership with national animal organizations, has placed 8.3 million pets in homes since 1999.  He is joined in partnership with the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals, which represents over 150 animal welfare organizations in New York, New York and by animal organizations worldwide.

If you can’t attend a pet candle lighting ceremony then join Kirby and I by lighting a virtual candle at the Memorial Candle Gallery and spread the word about Remember Me Thursday on Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels using the hashtag #LIGHTFORPETS