Positive Reinforcement Works!

I firmly believe a good dog is a trained dog.  Kirby has been trained since a puppy using positive reinforcement.  He's learned accepted behavior as well as many tricks.  Using positive reinforcement has lasting results because often times he thinks we are playing a game and he understands the rewards he can receive.

Some of his good behaviors include basic commands such as sit, stay, and down.  The ones he knows that can possibly save his life are come and leave it. He learned very quickly that begging during our meal times would result in no leftovers for him whereas quietly waiting always results in a reward.  He knows I will open the gate to his playroom to let him out when I return home if he is being very quiet and still.  He is also crate trained in the event it's necessary should an emergency ever arise.  He always has to get in the Down position before he can eat his meal which can be amusing when he does it before being asked because he really wants that food - the nose knows!

He knows many tricks taught using treats and a clicker. When teaching him a new trick, I keep it to ten minute intervals throughout the day.  He never knows when he'll get one treat, several treats, or none at all. I can honestly say he almost beams every time I say "good boy Kirby".  

Credit: Amber Kingsley 

Credit: Amber Kingsley 

Do you use positive training?