Orijen Regional Red Dog Treats

We were contacted by chewy.com, an online pet store, to choose a product they carry to review.  Kirby perused the list they sent and chose the Orijen Regional Red Biologically Appropriate Freeze Dried Dog Treats.  That's a mouthful in itself! 

Being the meat loving carnivore he is, these Canadian made treats easily earned four paws and a wag!  I gave the ingredients my approval too - wild boar liver, lamb liver, angus beef liver, boneless wild boar, boneless lamb, and boneless angus beef.  That's it, all meat, no fillers. 

Drooling for the treat in my hand

Drooling for the treat in my hand

Made without cooking or preservatives, these treats are freeze-dried to lock in the nutrients and flavors of authentically fresh and regional meats. They breakdown to 45% of energy from protein and 55% from fat.

Something that really hits home in this time of recalls is the fact Orijen owns their own kitchens so they can make their own foods using ingredients that are delivered fresh from farmers within Canada. Being liver was in the mix I fully expected that horrid smell but when I opened the bag I was pleasantly surprised by the low odor. These treats seem expensive when you consider the cost of $7.99  for a 2 oz bag containing 60 treats or $12.99 for a 3.5 oz bag containing 110 treats.  However, realizing they are 100% meat makes them more reasonable. Not to mention the individual pieces are quite large measuring roughly an inch each which, for Kirby's size, those 60 treats become 120 treats.

If you can't find these treats at your local pet store, then be sure to visit chewy.com for the top brands in dog food and treats. 

Disclosure:  Kirby the Dorkie is a member of the Chewy.com Blogger Outreach Network. We receive the products to review each month and are not compensated in any other way.  Our opinions are solely based on our experience with the product which we approve.