Nina Ottosson Dog Miracle Puzzle

Kirby enjoys interaction whether it's a game of tug or a game where he has to think. He actually enjoys his training sessions and could have been a top contender in AKC Rally if I hadn't had those aggravating panic attacks.  So anything that makes him have to think is a plus in my book making interactive toys at the top of the list.

When I had leave for work I always placed his morning kibble in one of his interactive toys which meant instead of leaving with him whimpering, I left hearing him working on the toy. Even though I've been home, he still likes his morning kibble in one of his interactive toys. To tease him I have made him wait outside the gate to his playroom while I fill the toy. He barks and paws at the gate with his tail going ninety to nothing until I open it. Straight to the toy he flies and I can hear him working on it as I get my morning chores started.

Using these games as interactive food bowls is also great for dogs that eat too fast and they become a fun indoors activity when the weather is bad.

The Nina Ottosson Dog Miracle Puzzle is really fun because the bricks can be placed in so many different ways thus making it easy to difficult. You simply hide kibble or treats in any, or all, of the recesses, stack the bricks on top of each other and lock them in different directions. This makes the game a new game every time. The dog has to look for the treats by trying to move, lift, or push aside brick after brick with his paw or nose.

Ranging from 1 to 3, the game has a difficulty rating of 2. By putting the Dog Miracle Puzzle on a stool, or a chair means the dog can’t use his paw but only his nose which is usually a little harder. It's also dishwasher safe for easy clean-up which is recommended for dogs that drool or are sick or if you have several dogs that use the game.

Be warned that this game has several pieces ranging from small tops to large bricks. Make sure your dog doesn’t chew or bite the toy pieces. If that happens you want to supervise all play and put the game away when done.

Nina Ottosson has been developing interactive toys since 1990 with the philosophy that the dog has four legs and one head, and all five need activity in different ways – both physical and mental. You can visit her website to learn more, Like her on Facebook for chances to win free puzzles, and subscribe to her YouTube channel.

Disclosure:  We received this product to review. We were not compensated in any other way. Our opinions are solely based on our experience with the product and knowledge of the company which we approve.