7 Cool Summer Treats

Summer has arrived here in Mississippi which means grilling outside, swims at the lake, and lots of icy cold drinks and, of course, frosty treats for the dogs. 

I can't wait to start concocting some new frozen delights but here's a quick recap of the winners we have so far... 

1.  Coconut Ice Cream  This is easy to make but it does take a little time which Kirby thinks is well worth it.


2. Decadent PB Pupsicles   A little cookie crunch makes it even better. 


3.  Did You Say Bacon? Pupsicles  I haven't met a dog yet who didn't drool for bacon!

did yu say bacon? pupsicles

4.  Fruity Ice Pups    Just 100% juice and water.  A big dog would love a frozen block of this sweetness on a hot afternoon. 

fruity ice pups

5. Patriotic Pupsicles   Fresh fruit and yogurt flavors this delicious concoction pretty enough for the 4th of July.  Tasty enough for the kids too, just add a popsicle stick!

patriotic pupsicles

6. Pumpkin Please Pupsicles   Just three ingredients - pumpkin, yogurt, cinnamon .  A healthy serving of good nutrition.

Pumpkin Please pupsicles

7. Yogurt Melts  It really doesn't get any easier than these melt in your mouth frozen drops of yogurt.  

yogurt melts

There you have it.  My seven frozen confections sure to take some of the heat out of summer.