My Valentine Sweethearts

I knew Kirby was lonely after a foster left but I didn't realize how badly he needed a permanent playmate. We adopted Kenzie just 4 months ago and she has made such a difference in that short amount of time. These two just clicked from the start. They play, they snuggle, they follow, they watch, they basically do everything together. We are very blessed!

This photo took lots of shots, lots of poses, and lots of treats. It is harder to catch her eyes in the shots because her hair is so dark around her face but I'm hoping she doesn't lose the black like Kirby did. We'll see. Kenzie is learning quickly so I think it won't be long before she's a patient model like Kirby.

They aren't twins since Kirby is a blonde 8 year old while Kenzie is a brunette 1 year old but I couldn't resist these matching outfits. She does need dresses and not Kirby's shirts!.  Bows are not an option since they wrestle way too much. In fact it's been hard to keep them brushed out.