My Love/Hate Relationship With Chocolate

Nothing tastes sweeter than chocolate, especially the dark chocolate.  Chocolate candy, chocolate ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, fudge brownies, chocolate milk, hot chocolate, ok so I could keep going but I'm sure you get my drift.

My love of chocolate is tempered by my hate of chocolate for it's toxins which are deadly for dogs so I, a seasoned, well informed owner, would never leave chocolates where Kirby could reach them!

hershey kisses

Except I did and he did and it was one of the worst moments ever! Kirby is such a good dog that I had become complacent. He never touches anything that isn't his. For example, I can set my dinner plate on the coffee table and go back in the kitchen for something. He won't touch the food. However, I can place a bully stick or one of his treats on that coffee table and when he notices it, he will get it which is allowed. Its a fun game we play so he has learned what is his and what is not his.

Then came the day. An unopened bag of chocolate kisses had been laying on the coffee table for probably three days. I should have put it away but "knew" he wouldn't touch the bag.

Getting ready for work one morning I walked through the living room and noticed some foil papers scattered about the floor as Kirby looked up at me. Panic set in as I realized they were the empty wrappings from the chocolate kisses. First I grabbed him pulling an uneaten piece from his mouth, then holding him at the kitchen sink as I vainly tried washing out his mouth. Next I scooped up the papers to try piecing them together to determine how many he had eaten.  Four, maybe five.

Somehow I remained calm as I put on my shoes, grabbed my purse and keys, picked up Kirby, jumped in the car, deposited him in the passenger seat, and drove to our vet's clinic.  Parking the car, I scooped him up and entered the door of the clinic calling for Dr. Rita. She wasn't there yet but one of her assistants met me as I was walking down the hallway.  She quickly assessed Kirby who looked quite normal except for the look in his eyes which said he was quite sure I had lost my mind.

sick kirby

He did seem perfectly fine but knowing I had to go to work and envisioning him dying while alone I decided to let him stay there for the day.  While at work I posted a request on his Facebook Page telling what happened and asking for prayers.  The response was overwhelming so let me say thank you to his many fans for their love, concern, and prayers. 

I do talk to God quite often throughout the day whether it's good things, bad things, or just for reassurance. Believe me when I say I kept the line open all that day making requests on Kirby's behalf. My deepest gratitude goes to Him for yet another miracle.

Throughout the day I called to check on him and left early to pick him up. He received lots of affection and attention that evening while I was grateful I hadn't lost him due to my carelessness.

I know, he's just a dog, but he's my heart dog. And the chocolate? Safely put away like it should have been all along.