Lennox Remembered

Today, July 11, 2013, marks the one year anniversary of the senseless death of Lennox, a gentle family dog wrongly deemed dangerous simply because of the build of his body.  This American Bulldog/Lab mix resembled a pit bull which was a death sentence in Ireland.    

Millions rallied for his life, many countries offered refuge, and his family longed for one last moment with their beloved dog.  A year later and I still tear up filled with such an anger for the people responsible.  Truth didn't win, goodness didn't win, love surely didn't win.  Ego won, discrimination won, hate won. 

Before & After

BSL is a hatred spurred by fear. To hate a human simply because of the way they look can deprive us of knowing a kind soul. To hate a dog simply because of the way they look can deprive us of knowing a kind soul. Punish the deed, not the breed should be our mantra.   

Kirby was bitten by a Boxer which has caused him to act differently towards any Boxer he sees.  Does he hate all Boxers? No.  Is he cautious with all Boxers? Yes. But then he shows us what God wants us to learn.  He gives each individual dog the chance to show him they are friendly.  He judges each one, not by the actions of the one that attacked him, but on their own dispositions.  In other words, he willingly gives them the opportunity to be his friend. 



There are stories of Pits who have attacked.  There are many more stories of Pits who have saved someone's life.  If you remember Lennox, stop and say a prayer for all the dogs who are, or will, face BSL prejudice.  If you don't know about Lennox, the true poster dog for BSL, you can read Victoria Stilwell's recap of his story here.

Have you encountered BSL? Are you afraid you might because your dog is a breed on the list?