Lamp Shade + Decals = Easy DIY

Ok, so this is the easiest DIY in the history of DIY. Seriously!

I picked up this cute little white lamp for $7 at Dollar General some time ago with plans of turning it into a cute lamp for Kirby's playroom.  I kept looking for a white shade that wasn't fabric but apparently they don't make those anymore? Eventually I bought a fabric shade with the idea of stenciling paw prints on it. They sat on my work table untouched for weeks as I tried to figure out how to adhere a stencil on a surface that wasn't flat.  That's when I decided to test the wall paw print decals I had used on Kirby's plastic toy box. They state they aren't made for fabric but they worked perfectly!

Dog Shade DIY.jpg

Decals are very easy to apply as long as you go slowly.  To ensure straight, accurate positioning use a tape measure, otherwise just place them randomly. Carefully peel back and smooth the decal onto the surface being careful to remove any bubbles. Very slowly, peel off the plastic backing. To speed the application and avoid wrinkles, cut the decal into segments

So..... an easy 5 minute DIY lamp shade that gives a shot of personality to any room. The decal shape and color will determine the mood you're trying to convey. Try something sweet in a child's room, a punch of color in a teen's room, or a simple design in a home office. Go for a loud pop of color or place the decals on the inside of the lampshade for subtle elegant look. The options are endless for this understated but fun accessory!