Kirby's Playroom

Some would think Kirby is a very spoiled dog because he has his own playroom.  I call it his playroom as opposed to his bedroom because he is not about to sleep in there when I'm home.  He most definitely considers my bed to be his bed.  Its painted in his signature blue color with the cutest window treatment consisting of blinds with colorful drape panels on either side.  A plush colorful area rug provides comfort from the cold concrete floor. It looks like a little boy's room until you realize it has a metal gate at the door and contains a miniature bed and toy box. 


I'm fortunate to own a small three bedroom home which is where I raised my two children.  One is still my bedroom while another has been turned into my home office.  When Kirby was a pup he stayed in a very large wire kennel in this room when I went to work.  The kennel had room for his bed, food dish, and room to play.  He had a water bottle attached to the side.  This not only kept him safe from harm and my home safe from accidents but actually made him feel safe. He always jumped right in when I said "Mama has to go". 

Another safety factor for containing Kirby in this room is the fire alert sticker on the window. If there is ever a fire, he would be easily found as opposed to if he chose to hide under a piece of furniture somewhere in the house because he had become frightened.

As he got older we decided he could have access to the entire room.  He hated the door to the room being closed so Doug installed a pet gate in the doorway which doesn't make him feel shut away. When we have a foster, that dog will stay in the kennel the first few days.  Once I know they are getting along then I leave the kennel open so they can share the room and interact. 

This is looking into the room from the doorway.   We removed the carpet and had planned on installing a flooring.  I later decided I liked the concrete just fine since it is a breeze to clean up a foster's mishap. We may stain or paint it one day.


He has two beds, his cute doll bed and his snuggle sack, and there is a soft mat in the kennel.   I don't think he ever goes in the kennel but I often find the snuggle sack near the rug and the toy I keep on his doll bed is almost always on the floor at the end of the day.

He has a ceramic water fountain in one corner and a few interactive toys are always on the floor. One day I would love to find a unique dresser to store his clothes, leashes, etc.   


We have a routine every work day morning.  When I'm ready to leave we go into the room where he will sit as I place his kibble in one of his interactive toys.  I say "get your breakfast" as I leave.  He never cries but begins working on the toy.   The funny thing is he will not enter the room if he knows it's not a Mr. Job day. If I have to leave him in his playroom on those days he will cry and howl like a banshee! At first it just broke my heart but now that I've gotten used to it I just say I'll be back and I leave.

And this is when it was Kirby's playroom/my office.  What a mess it was!  I finally got energetic enough to clean out that third bedroom which is now my office containing my desk, bookcase and work table.  We both have so much space and yes, there is a comfy dog bed in my office for Kirby.

playroom mess

Does your dog have his or her own room? A special place they can stay when left home alone?