Kirby the Dorkie & The Pittie - Part 2

Photo Credit: pexels

Photo Credit: pexels

It all started out innocent enough. Kirby was in his back yard being a good boy as always when he saw that squirrel.  The squirrel that kept coming into his yard day after day teasing him with a fun game of chase. Kirby’s only thought was “I’m gonna catch you this time!”  And off he went running, jumping over this and crawling under that, when he suddenly realized he wasn’t in his back yard anymore. He stopped and watched the squirrel scamper away, then shivered remembering mama’s warning of never going into the woods behind the house. She had warned there were dangerous animals like coyotes and snakes that could harm him.

It was almost dark so Kirby knew he really needed to get home. But which way was home? He didn’t recognize anything as he wandered about looking for something to show him the way.  He was hungry and he was tired, but mostly, he just wanted his mama.

Feeling very lost he heard a noise right behind him. Terrified he spun around peering into the darkness. Trying to use his bravest voice, he barely whispered, “Who’s there?” A bit more rustling and the pit bull was standing only inches from him. Shaking from head to toe Kirby looked up into her eyes and whispered, “Daisy, are you going to eat me for your dinner?”  The pit bull slowly shook her head, and with the saddest eyes Kirby had ever seen, she replied, “No Kirby I would never hurt you. I saw you chasing that squirrel so I followed you to make sure you were ok. The woods can be a scary place for a little dog like you.”  Kirby breathed just a little easier even though he was still quite afraid. Sitting down, Daisy continued, “I can show you the way home but you look so tired maybe you need to rest first?”  Kirby did feel very tired and in that moment he practically slumped into a ball muttering, “Maybe just a few minutes would be ok.” Closing his eyes he fell fast asleep.

As Kirby slept he felt warm and safe just like in mama’s bed. He snuggled deeper into the warm covers content until the morning light slowly awakened him. Only he wasn’t in mama’s bed. Then he remembered getting lost in the woods. Carefully looking around he realized that what he thought were covers was actually Daisy snuggled around him. She had kept him warm and safe through the night.  Daisy slowly lifted her head saying, “Good morning Kirby. Are you ready to go home now?” Surprised by her kindness, but still fearful, he carefully stepped away watching for any sign she would attack him. He saw the sadness in her eyes again but he didn’t understand why.

Daisy seemed to know just which way to go so Kirby was quite happy to follow her. When Kirby‘s tummy started growling Daisy used her nose to find some berries for them to eat. Daisy also found a small stream just as Kirby realized he was thirsty. Soon Kirby forgot he was afraid of her as he trotted beside her enjoying the warmth from the sunlight filtering through the trees.

Kirby was feeling a bit safer with Daisy so he mustered up the courage to ask her why she didn’t eat him since that's what pit bulls do.  “Oh Kirby”, she replied, “I know there are stories about pit bulls being mean dogs but that just isn’t true. We’re the same as you. We want a home and a family to love. There are bad dogs in the world but it's not because of their breed. It's because there are bad owners who make them bad dogs.”  

Kirby decided then and there that he would be Daisy's friend and told her just that. He also told her he knew the neighborhood dogs would accept her into the pack once they knew how nice she really was. Daisy wagged her tail, and with a smile, said, "I'd like that very much Kirby but first we need to get you home. Your mama must be very worried." The thought of his mama made Kirby trot even faster while his wagging tail let Daisy know he wasn't afraid of her anymore. Side by side they headed home.

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