Kirby The Dorkie Has A New Niche

Kirby the Dorkie has been online since August of 2010 - almost eight years. It's been a lot of fun sharing him and what we've learned over the years. But it's also grown weary. Bloggers I once knew have stopped blogging and I've been leaning in the same direction. There were many times I wanted to just walk away but I trudged on even though I was becoming burnt out. Some days I was too tired to say anything and some days I didn't have anything to say. 

There's a whole new crop of bloggers doing much better than I ever could. More importantly there are sites evolving with team bloggers and writers I can never compete with.  What it's boiled down to is whether I'm willing to put in the many hours to make my blog a success? The answer is no.

Changing Our Way

I've been using The Canine Chef Cookbook for our online recipes both here and on Pinterest for a long time. Several years ago I purchased the domain when the idea of a future published cookbook nudged at the outer recesses of my brain. Just an idea but why not?  My focus has steadily shifted more to canine nutrition as I've absorbed so much knowledge and created many recipes over the years. It's become a passion close to my heart.  I knew I didn’t want to blog anymore so I’ve decided to change my “blog” to a static website where people can go to look up recipes or find out about certain ingredients.  This way I can still create new recipes and share what I’m learning in my own time without the pressure of deadlines or simply to keep readers coming back. This means The Blog on my website may have one post in a month or several in a week depending on my personal life which involves a full time job I love, four grandchildren, church, friends, fosters, and of course Kirby.   

The Kirbster

I've been wanted to make this switch for some time but couldn't bear to let go of "Kirby the Dorkie" until recently when I finally bit the bullet and forged ahead. As you can see in our new website banner he will still be around. He’s the fun one so he’ll be keeping his social media as is, especially Facebook where it has become meaningful and rewarding interacting with his fans.  Maybe it’s not normal but it fills my heart every time someone is touched by Kirby even if they’ve never actually met him.  After all is said and done he is the muse behind it all. Dog and God if you get my drift.

A New Focus Revealed

We have officially changed the domain to, we've changed the banner to represent our new logo, and we've spruced up to help make navigation easy and fun.  Over time we'll straighten out our SEO, repair any broken links, and spend more time in the kitchen.

Kirby the Dorkie has a new niche and he likes it. Me too. I hope you do too.