Kirby the Dorkie BANNED from Twitter

WTH!!!  A week ago I discovered our twitter account @KirbytheDorkie had been suspended. I appealed three times by email thinking they had us confused with someone else.  Then I received the following reply:

Impersonating an entity? Seriously? Does that mean Kirby is more famous than we thought? So famous in fact they think we are impersonating the real Kirby the Dorkie? I googled Kirby the Dorkie and went through page after page on the off chance there was now a celebrity going by the name of Kirby the Dorkie. Maybe a comedian? I only found my Kirby the Dorkie. The only other Kirby's were the Kirby character from the games, a round pink cartoon with red feet and blue eyes, and Kirby vacuum cleaners. (I was asked why I named Kirby after a vacuum cleaner when he was a pup). I can't see how my Kirby could be confused with those entities.

I have owned this domain since 2010. I paid to have his cartoon logo designed and commercially own it. Kirby the Dorkie is known on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Heck, he's been tweeting since 2010.

This was my response:

To which they replied:


I read the Twitter Rules which are pretty bad - no I never did any of those, ever!  It's impossible to reach a human to discuss the matter so we are sadly concluding that this is the official end. We may never know what entity Kirby the Dorkie was accused of impersonating or what other rules were broken. Just boom! You're out!

At last count Kirby had 800+ followers on Twitter so if you were one of his followers you can still find him on Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram for now.  Kirby the Dorkie has chirped his last tweet.

UPDATE: My last correspondence with Twitter was to send a link to this post. The result? Kirby the Dorkie has been reinstated and can twitter to his heart's content.  I also found out what happened from a representative at Twitter. I had designed a t-shirt using the word "Pawrent" which someone claims to own and had me shut down.  First, I had no idea someone can own a single word, second a phone call or email from this person would have been nice. I did check out their social media: 497 followers on Twitter, 21 followers on Pinterest, and 40 fans on Facebook. No wonder I've never heard of them.