January 9, 2017 Is A Special Day

Sir Kirby Kingston Martin of Mississippi is 8 years old today.  Eight years old?  It seems like just yesterday he was that adorkable little puppy quickly stealing my heart.  Eight years old? We’ve been through so much, this little guy and I, and we have survived, and grown through hardships, heartaches, joys, fears, adventures, and mostly time.   

I can’t explain how much Kirby means to me, how much my heart implodes at just the thought of him.  He is my muse, my confidante, my partner in crime, my light at the end of a dark tunnel.  His is the first face I see in the morning and the last face I kiss before falling asleep.  I deal with bouts of depression with him at my side, moments of pure joy with him at my side, and everything in between with him at my side. 

I know I brag on him but truly, he has no faults.  He is the perfect dog at least for me.  His calmness calms me, his courage encourages me, his joy filters through me.  I am a better human because of him.  Another accolade is the fact all 13 of our foster dogs learned how to be confident dogs again because of him.

He understands and does whatever I ask of him.  There are times I know he doesn’t want to cooperate yet he does anyway.  He’s come to trust me completely as he falls asleep during a haircut or nail dremel.  

He never gets in trouble because he never misbehaves.  He never chews up what he shouldn’t, he doesn’t dig, and he only barks when necessary.  In eight years he has only received one spanking. He had gotten away from us and was running in the street around a moving car. He didn’t come to me as I called his name. Instead I scooped him up, a good spanking on his behind, and into his kennel for a good hour.  To this day he comes on a dime!

I love him so much this past year I began searching for a dog just for him.  Sounds crazy but it’s true.  He gets so depressed after a foster leaves and I could tell he was really beginning to hate being left at home when I went to Mr. Job.  Kenzie has become a prayer answered.  I love her dearly but Kirby loves her even more.  There are times they fight over my lap but I can tell she makes him very happy. He watches over her when we are in the backyard or traveling.  Once he realized she was not a foster, he set about training her to know he is the boss.  Often they play rough and yet, I see him being careful not to roll over on her.

What amazes me the most is how much other people love him.  Doug, who has never liked dogs, absolutely adores him. They have a very special bond.  People come up in droves just to pet him when we are out in public. He even has loyal fans on his social media who adore him.  I know he is really cute and photogenic but I like to think there is a light that shines out from within his soul that others can see. I know I feel its warmth every time I look into his beautiful big brown eyes.

I suppose this is an ode to a dog but he deserves it.  That quote, “Everyone thinks they have the best dog ever and everyone is right” rings true.

Kirby Bear I so hope you always know how deeply you are loved and wanted and needed and I am so grateful God placed you in my care. I can only pray you grow old with me.