I Smell Pretty Said No Dog

It seems like she's giving me a bath every week! I mean is this really necessary? Let's go for a swim, let's waddle in a puddle, let's play in the rain. A squirt of shampoo would be OK but a whole bath in a big tub with a face wash is not my idea of a fun time. We should start a petition or do a sit in or make some signs to post near the bathrooms. Dogs Against Baths could become a revolution!

Well, truth is I do like this new shampoo mama made for me. It doesn't hurt my eyes, lathers up nice and creamy, rinses clean, and, yes, it really does smell coconutty good. It actually is a light scent. She did add just a smidgen of peppermint oil to this batch to liven it up.

What? I'd have to live outside? Mama I wasn't really serious. A bath once a week seems ok. For now.

Keep on washin

P.S. Oh my doggie! She's packing my travel bag - ROAD TRIP!!!! A bath for a road trip? Good trade!