Memo From The CEO

To:  Everone in the world

From: Kirby, CEO (Canine Executive Officer)



Woof (Hi)! 

Mama has done all the writin and postin but I has decided it is time for me to lend a paw!  Since I is a dog I has a better perspective of what dogs need and want so it only right for me to barks more, especially here on my very own website!  It does has my name on it so I gots a reputation to uphold!

Anyways, I been working real hard on my english, which isnt easy for a dog, just saying, so I is of the opinion (my own) that I coulds write some pretty dog gone good stuff my fans would find very interesting indeed.  Is this sentence too long?  I is working on my english and spelling... grammar is a whole other tale!

I is very smart having been educated from the young age of seven weeks old and I pays attention to everything and I hears and learns abouts a lot of stuff I will be sharin over the next few months.  What you asking? Well, how abouts more doggie delish recipes? Mama might be makin them but dont thinks I don't gives her my input, like they needs more liver and more bacon!  She thinks they should looks pretty but I knows the real test is first the nose and then the tongue.  Iffen it dont smell good I walking away.  Iffen it dont tastes good I walking away.  But iffen it smells good and tastes good, then you gots my attention!  I knows it gotta be healthy bt it gotta be smelly an tasty too!

And what about toys and games?  Us dogs gets bored very easy so we needs stimulation (I likes auto correct) to keep us busy and outta trouble like tearing up toilet paper cos there werent nothing else to do!  I cans squeak a toy all days long but even I can gets bored with that!  I likes them Dognition games but mama has to plays with me so toys that can do stuff is better.  I thinks I heards her call them interactives toys? 

I is also gonna keeps doing reviews of good dog products and she gonna lets me runs some of the giveaways too.  I done watched her use that rafflecopter thing enough times to know I can does it myself!   

So iffen there something you really wants me to talks about or somethin you needs an answer to then just leave a comment down there and I will gets it done!   

Wags, Kirby