Howling Halloween Round-up

Anyone who follows Kirby knows I like to dress him up for photo shoots using shirts, hats, and props from various costumes and finds. He's a good sport about it since I don't force him or make it uncomfortable. We do short sessions and make a game out of it. Once we're done off come the props. He's hot natured so he rarely, if ever, wears clothes in the hot summer months and photo shoots are generally done inside or early morning while it's still cool outside. 

The one holiday we go all out is Halloween. It's just so much fun and the costumes being sold just keep getting better and better.

Tips To Remember

  • Most dogs are used to wearing harnesses and life jackets so wearing a costume usually isn't a problem. However, some dogs truly hate wearing any clothes so please don't force them. Instead look for Halloween themed bandanas or party collars.
  • Some dogs will tolerate clothes for a short period so be aware of their comfort zone levels. Once you notice any agitation, promptly remove the costume. Some of the best costumes have hats or head gear to complete the look. Kirby will willingly wear his costume all evening but pushes the head gear off after about fifteen minutes. I don't make him wear it the remainder of the night. If your dog just hates a particular part of the costume, leave it off. In the winter Kirby hates boots of any kind and would become frantic trying to remove them. I've learned to use musher's wax and run his paws under warm water when he comes back inside.
  • Some dogs actually love to dress up. Ok love may be too strong a word so lets agree some dogs have no problem wearing clothes or costumes. (I will mention that Kirby will not step outside in cold weather without his coat). 
  • Practice wearing the costume before the big day. Make sure it fits properly with no binding, chafing, or parts to trip over. If it comes in several pieces, let the dog get used to each one before adding the next one. The first time Kirby wore jammies he literally froze. His eyes told me he was more bewildered than afraid so I started playing with one of his squeaky toys which he couldn't resist. Once he realized the jammies were no big deal he couldn't have cared less. You can try distracting your dog with a fun toy or tasty treats.

Howling Costumes Provided by Entirely Pets

The Octohound

The Octo-Hound is beyond adorable especially if you're a fan of the sea. The six legs bouncing as Kirby struts around tickles me very time. $12.99 - $16.99

Dogosauras Collage.jpg

The Dogosaurus is perfect if you're into all that prehistoric history. Little Dino can rock it with Bamm Bamm and Pebbles.

The Royal Pup

Royal Pup is THE costume for all of the Once Upon A Time fans. Bonus: the crown is lightweight so it actually stays on letting your pup be the Prince of Posh. SOLD OUT.

Holy Hound

The Holy Hound was hugely popular last year and no wonder when your dog can dress just like his Holy Pope in his traditional vestments.  Kirby wears a medium but with this one I would go a size smaller. All sizes are just $14.99


The Superman is perfect for the hero dog in your life who's always ready to save the day! I do love the flowing cape on this one. Bonus: the cape can be easily trimmed to fit your dog with no sewing required.  All sizes are just $10.99

Fire Chief

The Fire Chief just screams "buy me" for the hat alone.  Kirby wears a medium but he comfortably wears the extra small hat. The extra small is only $5.99

Hurry to find your favorite costume before they all sell out and be sure to share your pictures here or on Kirby's Facebook Page.

Disclosure: We have a working relationship with Entirely Pets who sent us these costumes  to review. We were not compensated in any other way. Our opinion is our own and we recommend this online company and these products.