How To Whip Up A Batch Of Smoothies!

I love an icy cold smoothie. It’s healthy, delicious, refreshing, and something I can share with Kirby and Kenzie.

My Dilemma

I would go to the grocery store where I would purchase fresh ingredients for my smoothies. Because most produce is sold in quantities I was buying enough for 1 to 2 weeks. The trick was to make and drink them before any of the produce went bad. Inevitably this is where I would fail basically throwing away dollars I had spent.  Another problem was the fact I usually didn’t have time in the morning to make one to carry to work.

My Solution

Now I prepare my smoothies in batches just like I do with Kirby’s meals.  This can be done with ziploc freezer bags, plastic freezer safe containers, or glass canning jars.  I use my canning jars for my broths and stocks so for my smoothies I prefer using the ziplock bags which will fit compactly into a door shelf in the freezer. They will keep up to 30 days once frozen but they are always used way before then.

You can use any favorite combo of fruits and veggies to make these so have fun creating different flavor combos.  Be sure to label the bags as to whether they are dog friendly or not.  Kirby loves a smoothie so I keep all of mine dog friendly. When I prepare mine, I just pour some into a small bowl for him and a small bowl for Kenzie.

Don’t Overlook Frozen Fruits

Frozen fruit is harvested at its peak and then flash frozen which preserves the nutrients. Often times it’s more affordable than fresh plus it’s available year round.  There’s also no need to wash, peel, or cut up the fruits. Just throw a handful into each bag.

The Prep Work

I don’t bother to measure. I just equally divide everything up and eyeball each bag. I start with the veggie since that’s usually the largest volume package so it determines how many ziplock bags I’ll use. I also prep each item as I get to it.  For example, I peel and cut my bananas until I’ve added one to each bag.  I de-stem and pit my strawberries and then evenly distribute among the bags, and so on.

Step 1 - Place roughly 1 cup fresh vegetable (I love to use baby spinach or kale) into the baggies until it’s equally divided. 

Step 2 – Add 1 sliced banana, cut into smaller pieces, to each bag.

Step 3 – Add the fruit to each bag.  I usually add strawberries and blueberries but I also like kiwi, cantaloupe, blackberries, raspberries, pineapple, and peaches.  

Step 4 – Remove as much air as possible, seal, and place in the freezer.

Making the Smoothie

Step 1 – Empty one frozen bag into the blender.

Step 2 – I like to add a few tablespoons natural Greek yogurt but this is optional.

Step 3 - Add 1 cup liquid (I like almond milk but you can use coconut milk, cashew milk or goat milk)

Step 4 – Blend.