How Good is Prescription Pet Food for Your Pet?

Shared by Sarah Ann Taylor, Associate Editor at Top Dog Tips

A lot of vets are prescribing prescription pet food. Some may be prescribing it without much knowledge about it while some might know all the facts about it and yet prescribing it to their four-legged patients. You must know that prescription pet food does not contain any drug so actually a prescription is not needed. It is all a business tactic of the giant pet food producing companies to make a profit by letting it sell only through a prescription from a vet. You might also be paying taxes which are actually not required for prescription animal food.

Through this detailed infographic from Top Dog Tips, you can get a good idea of what prescription pet food is, and what is its reality. Also, the infographic will guide you on what you can feed if you have a pet that is suffering from any major health issues like diabetes or kidney failure. It is always better to do a good research about the pet food that you feed your pet. There are many good neutral blogs and forums where pet owners share their experiences. You might be able to help your pet better with a little bit of research and extend the life of your pet as well as your happiness!

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