Happy 4th of July

It's been a grueling few weeks.  First I was laid off from my job of 9 years and 4 months.  It was devastating but in a way a relief from an exhausting job.  I swear there were days I felt my brain was actually bruised.  I've been busy preparing my resume, filling out applications, and searching job listings. Then just yesterday I accepted a position in a different field which I'll start on July 11th. Hence, I haven't had time to do a 4th of July photo shoot with the Kirbster.

We still want to wish everyone a safe, fun 4th of July with good food, good friends, and of course family, both the human kind and the canine kind. 

Kirby says Happy 4th of July

Independence Day was first celebrated July 4, 1776 so I'm thinking Kirby's patriotic photo from July 4, 2012 is good enough.  Happy 4th to everyone!

**We are traveling to Georgia today to visit family and will return home Monday.  I have posts set to automatically publish but be sure to follow Kirby on his Facebook Page to see what he's up to on his road trip.