Grrrr! I Bite!

Do you have an aggressive dog?  Maybe an overprotective dog?  How about a dog who bites out of fear?  There are many reasons for why a dog bites and there is help for every dog.  So many dogs end up in shelters when all they needed was the proper understanding and training so please find the answers to save your dog from being tossed away!

wrong greet

I don't delve into training dogs much since Kirby is such an easy dog.  His calm demeanor has let him readily accept me as his pack leader. Any training we do for tricks or rally involve positive use of a clicker and treats which he quickly learns as if it were a game.  Every time we have a foster I let Kirby deal with their personalities as he teaches them how to be good dogs again.  I feed and pet while he teaches them storms aren't scary and lets them know they are safe.  They learn many commands just by watching what he does and copying. I personally think they trust him before they trust me.

The purpose of this post is because one of his Facebook fans reached out to me because her dog was being overly protective of the new baby and acting out aggressively towards anyone coming near her.  Doing a little research I discovered this post which is without doubt the best I've seen on how to deal with an aggressive dog under many circumstances. 

GRRR!: The Complete Guide to Understanding and Preventing

Aggressive Behavior in Our Dogs

 by Mordecai Siegal and Matthew "Uncle Matty" Margolis