Get Ready To Smile

A few weeks ago we received a very nice re-usable Fresh Wave cotton bag filled with an 8 fl. oz. Fresh Wave Spray, 12 fl. oz. jar of Fresh Wave Gel, and a 6 pack of individual Gel Packs to review in time for their big launch at Target on August 16th. Of course you can always purchase their products on their brand new website

Fresh Wave products are created and manufactured by OMI Industries, a world leader in industrial odor control. For over twenty years, OMI has been solving a multitude of odor problems in some of the world’s smelliest factories, processing plants and landfills. That same technology has been used to create household products made from plant oils which are safe for people, pets and the environment.

My First Impressions

The entire line of Fresh Wave products are made from only water and essential plant oils which means no harmful chemicals to hurt our pets.  Non-toxic, non-gmo and non-hazardous are words I like to read on a product’s label. Their motto “with Fresh Wave odors go away, happiness stays” are music to my ears. 

The scent is hard to describe.  It’s sort of a woodsy cinnamon which I like and hasn’t seemed to bother Kirby or our foster girl. I also like that the new container designs are a dark opaque brown, attractive if noticed but not glaringly in your face so they’ll blend into any decor. Going green can be elegant.

The Odor Removing Spray

This spray can be used on anything you can think of: pet beds, blankets, carpet and rugs, furniture fabric, drapes, clothing, and even those smelly tennis shoes.  A few squirts in the air can freshen the entire room. I like it's safer than that popular air freshener spray and how just a little goes a long way. 

The Odor Removing Gel

This may be my favorite product. I have two cats, Chelsea and Kaitlyn, which means I have a litter box. It sits in the laundry room next to my dining room. The cats have access through a small cat door we installed in the bottom of the adjoining door. This means any odors can easily drift into the rest of the house. I know I should scoop every day but, being lazy, I probably scoop every three to four days or when I smell an odor.  I placed the jar of gel on top of the litter box and haven’t smelled anything bad in between scoopings.  The gel is said to last 30 to 60 days so I may have found my new best helper which makes me very happy indeed!

The Odor Removing Pack

This bag contains 6 individual packs in a re-sealable bag. The options for using these little packs are endless. I threw one in my car and it still smells yummy whenever I open the door. Kirby spends the day in his playroom while I’m at work so he uses the puppy pad if needed. We have a foster right now so when I get home I have to dispose of the soiled puppy pad and spray a little air freshener.  Since placing a packet (on a plate) on the dresser I haven’t had to spray the room. It’s that good!

Fresh Wave Works also makes pet shampoos, carpet powder, vacuum pearls, soy candles, baby products, and a drain and disposal deodorizer.  For value and savings check out their Pet Lover's Kit, Kitchen Kit, Athlete's Kit, and Dorm Kit. 

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Disclosure:   We received these products to review and were not compensated in any other way. Our opinions are solely based on our experience with the product(s) and knowledge of the company which we approve.