Friday's Fetch:Travel Gear

We are planning a road trip this weekend so I figured why not showcase the travel gear we use or want to use for Kirby's comfort and safety.  Key words being style and function.

1. The Solvit Deluxe Jumbo Tagalong On seat Booster Seat is the one Kirby uses - it's strong, comfy, and safe.  It looks really nice with it's washable cover. It's made to hold dogs up to 30 lbs and can easily be moved to the trunk when not being used.  Kirby loves that he can see out all the windows or curl up for nap.  It's large enough that his fosters can ride with him too.  $69.99

2. There are several harnesses hangin on a hook in Kirby's playroom but the one we always grab is theEzyDog Chest Plate Harness which is the perfect companion for walks or riding in the car. It's adjustable and forms to the dog's chest for a perfect fit. This harness really serves two purposes - we can hook his car seat tether to it so if there were a crash his chest would take the brunt rather than his neck which is much more delicate and if he bolted during a walk it would be much harder for him to escape the harness as opposed to his collar he could squirm out of.  I love how we can unhook the tether and hook the leash in just seconds!  $22.00 - $26.00

carseat Collage.jpg

3. Of course every harness needs a leash and the leash we reach for time after time is the EzyDog Sparky Leash.  On the stylish side it's a perfect match to Kirby's harness.  On the comfort side this one takes top honors in my book. Kirby has a lot of strength which used to wear out my arm from all of his pulling. This leash has 12 in. of shock absorbing stretch in the center which has honestly changed our walks.  When Kirby pulls on the leash it tugs back at him which in turn causes him to back up causing him to walk with me.  Then there's the handle which is probably the most comfortable handle I've ever used. I don't know why other companies haven't figured this out! $26.00


4. Water is vital but can make your dog sick from chemicals used in different areas.  To avoid tummy upset we always carry bottled water which Kirby drinks from a cup. What I'm coveting right now is the new Thirsty Milo Portable Dog Water Bowl. This all in one container won't spill and comes with a two year warranty. I haven't been able to locate this product in the United States so please let me know if you do!


5. Every travelling dog needs a stylish bag to stash all their stuff.  Right now I have a really cute purse I use for Kirby's bag but one day he wants to own a Pet Jetsetter Bag to really travel in style. This puppy has six pockets with room enough for everything Kirby could possibly need.  Even better it only weighs two lbs with the included water and food bowls. $39.99 or $49.99 embroidered with your dog's name.


6.  Never, ever will anyone ever step on Kirby's poop.  We have a bone shaped poop bag dispenser and what I love is now I never forget it since it stays clipped on the handle of Kirby's leash. I keep it filled with biodegradeble bags so I can pull one out anywhere, anytime we are out and about. I saw this adorable weinerpoopbag and chuckled - sooo cute! If every pet owner cleaned up after their dog so many more places would allow dogs so please pick up the poop! (I've been known to hand an owner a bag or even pick up their poop) $4.95


Have I forgotten something? Do you have a must-have product or one you just really want?