fotor Photo Editor


Have you discovered fotor, the free online photo editor? I hadn't until I was asked to review the site and I'm so glad I now know where to go for uber cute, super easy photos of the Kirbster. It's like PicMonkey in overdrive. There's a ton of clip art too if you want to add things like hats, glasses, or other inanimate objects.

Here's Kirby's cute Christmas card.  All I had to do was upload a picture, choose a frame, and add some text.  Seriously, who can resist this little santa paws bearing gifts?

Fotor Xmas pic

Want something a little different? Try one of the collage choices such as a heart, star, or moon.  Get funky with Mickey Mouse or a ducky.  Since it's Christmas I'm loving this holly collage...

Fotor holly

Maybe a montage in a fun shape is what you're looking for? This creative paw is really cute.  Just upload some pictures, pick a shape, and watch the pictures fly into the shape in a matter of seconds. I'm thinking of printing out and framing this for Kirby's playroom.

Fotor paw

Want a more professional looking card? Well fotor has that covered too! The choices include cards for Christmas, Birthday's, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, and even thank you cards. Now you can capture that special memory with a "Hallmark worthy" card.  Kirby is planning to post this fancy card on the Facebook pages of some of his favorite fellow dog pages.

Fotor card

So there you have it! An easy, fun online photo editor with endless possibilities limited only by your imagination.

Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by Fotor. We are being compensated for this review, however, our opinions are solely based on our experience with the online service which we do approve.