Easy DIY Toy Box

DIY Toy Box

Kirby has a lot of toys! He also has two small wooden toy boxes - one simple wooden crate waiting to be styled in his playroom and one nice antique wooden box in my bedroom. He never destroys a toy so both boxes are overflowing with almost every toy a dog could possibly want which probably won't stop me from buying more. His favorite toy is always his newest one!

He has his own "playroom" set up in one of my spare bedrooms which is where he stays when I have to leave him home alone. It's painted blue with a bare concrete floor for easy cleanup. (We foster off and on). It contains a dresser, a Kirby sized bed, large crate, water fountain, and toys, toys, toys.

beverage party tub

I happened to come across this 17.75 inch Beverage Party Tub in the kitchen section at Wal-Mart for less than $4.  It’s BPA-free, virtually unbreakable polypropylene plastic, with two built-in handles to easily move with ease.  It would be fabulous for holding ice and drinks for a cookout but being a dog pawrent, I immediately realized how perfect it would work as a toy box in Kirby's playroom since it’s low enough for him to grab a toy, even jumping in if he wanted to.  I had a choice of red, green, and blue. I grabbed the blue because one, it's his signature color, and two, stickers would show up better on the lighter color.

DIY Toy Box

How cute is this? All I did was add a few stickers. The $1 "Toy Box" stickers came from Wal-Mart and I ordered the pawprints online at Lewa's Designs . I got a pack of 12 paw prints wall decals in various sizes in my choice of color for only $10. Decorative duct tape is the latest craze in stores so I'm keeping an eye out for something to trim the bottom and top edges. Bonus: If you're talented you could decorate with colored Sharpie pens.

An easy craft for a super fun dog or child toy box. Be sure to share pictures of yours!