Dogit Mind Games 3 In 1 Interactive Toy

Kirby loves to play! We've tried a lot of toys with his faves being the squeaky tuggy type toys and the interactive toys. He has several interactive toys I alternate between for his morning kibble. Two of them only have one way to get the kibble but the Dogit Mind Games has three different games for varied fun to encourage his problem solving skills.

I can decide which game he plays by choosing which pieces to use. To play Hide-and-Seek he has to remove the tops to get the treats, to play Spin-a-Whirl he has to nudge the wheel around the game board to get the treats, and to play the Sliding Puzzle he has to slide the tops to get the treats. He's pretty much caught on but it's fun to switch from Hide-and-Seek to the Sliding Puzzle because it looks the same but he has to change his tactic from picking up the tops to sliding them around.

When I have to leave him home he's too busy trying to get the treats to notice I've even left. It's not recommended to leave the dog alone with this toy due to the possibility of swallowing the pieces. However, we've had several large fosters who haven't been able to chew up the pieces so it's made of a highly durable plastic. It's also easily cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher.

This is a fun interchangeable toy that can keep your dog entertained. The best part is the cost. While most interactive toys can break the budget this three-in-one game is only $16.29 at Entirely Pets.  

Disclosure:  We have a working relationship with Entirely Pets who sent us this product to review. We were not compensated in any other way.  Our opinions are solely based on our experience with the product and knowledge of the company which we approve.