Dog safe DIY cleaning recipes

By Guest Writer, Kathleen Crane

Cleaning products that are sold in market are toxic and certainly are dangerous for dogs if they inhale or ingest them. Instead of risking the health of your pets it is better to use safe ingredients to create your own cleaning recipes. Here are presented some dog safe DIY cleaning recipes that will help you keep your home sanitized without harming the health of your pet. Using baking soda, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and lemon juice you can make your own pet-safe home cleaners.

Baking soda is very effective as a freshener and remover of stubborn stains. You can clean the bowls for food and water of your dog by making a paste of baking soda, salt and water. Mix equal parts of these ingredients and use the cleaner to scrub the bowls. Use a sponge to apply the paste and gently move in a circular motion. Rinse the bowls with warm water. To create a carpet deodorizer apply baking soda. Sprinkle it over the carpet, let it sit for 20 to 30 minutes and then vacuum the carpet. 

Vinegar makes a bathroom and shower cleaner which is safe for dogs.  You will needan empty bottle, a cup of vinegar, a quarter cup of hydrogen peroxide, one teaspoon of any liquid soap, which is optional, and water. Fill the bottle with these ingredients and mingle well. The hydrogen peroxide decomposes and leaves only water and oxygen behind which makes it absolutely safe for dogs' health. Use this cleaner for sanitizing your bathroom and shower.

You can create a carpet stain remover with vinegar. If you want to remove light stains mix two tablespoons of salt and a half cup of distilled white vinegar. Use this solution soaked in a rag to absorb the stain. For stubborn stains use two tablespoons of borax, the same quantity salt and half cup of white vinegar. Apply the cleaning solution using the same technique.

Hydrogen peroxide is very effective in removing urine stains. Combined with baking soda it is perfect for creating natural carpet cleaner with deodorizing qualities. To remove stains from your carpet blot them using a paper towel. Then, sprinkle the necessary quantity baking soda over the stain. Create a solution of half cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide and one teaspoon of dish-washing liquid. Pour this solution over the baking soda on the stain. Scrub the stain with a brush or clean rug and let it stay this way for 10 minutes. After that, vacuum the stained carpet area. For tougher stains repeat the whole process.

Lemon juice is a highly efficient cleaning product which has antibacterial properties and thanks to its acidity it removes grease too. To make your own scrub for sinks, cutting boards and metal pans mix coarse salt with a small quantity of lemon juice. Pure lemon juice is excellent for removing spots from grease or grime from facets and cabinet door handles.

To disinfect the surfaces in your home including hard floors you need vinegar, water and lemon. Combine one part vinegar with four parts water and squeeze some fresh lemon to add a pleasant scent to the mixture. Use it on all kinds of surfaces.

You can save a lot of money and the health of your dog’s using the cleaning recipes that are presented here. Making your own cleaning products is easy, safe and cost-effective. Use the recipes explained here to save money and protect the health of your dogs from the harsh and very toxic chemicals that are used in almost every cleaner. You will find out that these DIY cleaning recipes are as effective as the cleaning products that are sold in markets. 

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About the Author:  Kathleen Crane is a dog lover and owner of CleanStart Tooting.