DIY Memory Wall Collage

I've seen a lot of ideas on Pinterest using photographs of family, friends, or places forming the shape of a heart or star on a wall like this one and this one which inspired me to do something similar.   I have a gazillion pictures of Kirby on my computer and phone which I love but I don't really want them all framed cluttering up my home.  I knew immediately a collage of the Kirbster on the one big empty wall in his playroom would be a fun touch. 


Step 1 - Print out your favorite photos. I also printed out one of each of our foster dogs who also hold a special place in my heart. I went with 4x6 glossy prints since I already had plenty in stock but you could go with a larger size or even a square size. I also chose not to use a border but it would give your photos a nice frame.  

Step 2 - Draw a horizontal pencil line on the wall using a level to use as a guide so the collage stays straight.

Step 3 - Arrange the photos on the wall using painter's masking tape to figure out the best placement of each photo. I liked them placed randomly but had to play around with it since I was using both horizontal and vertical prints. This is when you'll decide how much space you want between the photos. I went minimal since I knew I would one day fill the wall.

Step 4 - Once you know what the final layout will be it's time to adhere the photos to the wall using an adhesive that won't damage the wall. I used Loctite Fun-Tak Mounting Putty placing a tiny piece in each corner of the photo. Start by placing the photos directly above or below the pencil line eyeballing the space between each photo. Once this row is done you can carefully erase the pencil line.

Continue until you have all the photos adhered being sure to step back now and then to see that it all looks level and evenly spaced.  When I first adhered my photos I only did the top two corners of each photo. A few days later the bottoms began to curl up so I had to add adhesive to the bottom corners.

The best part of my collage is I can add more fun or memorable photos as time goes by without having to remove any since my design can expand as large as the wall space allows.

We all have too many photos of our pets but you could do a memory wall collage of family members, favorite vacation places, or even a combination of all three.