DIY Hotel Inspired Key Rack

My new job as Office Manager for a contracting firm that designs and builds custom homes is so fun. There’s so much to learn with such variety I don’t think I’ll ever get bored. One of my tasks involves handling the rental properties. The current key organization was all the keys tossed on a table in the file room. Something I knew I could improve. There’s a drove of inspiration on Pinterest so one evening I began my search. I saw quite a bit of different solutions and narrowed my project down to one resembling a hotel key rack.

I could buy this 19.5" x 23.5" Vintage Inspired Hotel Key Rack from Mothology for $62 if I had that much money to spare. I liked the DIY copycat shared on Remodelaholic so that became my model.  She used left over tongue and groove planks which she weathered and framed. I was considering this since I knew we could get the materials left from completed jobs. Then one afternoon I was schlepping around Dirt Cheap with some friends and came across cabinet doors for only $4.99. They didn’t have any pre-drilled holes for knobs and I liked the way they looked framed. One of the interior walls in the office is stacked long way with wood planks stained in a brown color so I knew it would coordinate as is with the simple contemporary style.  

Next I made a trip to Hobby Lobby for some file cabinet label holders and cup hooks. I found some tiny cup hooks but the only label holders they had were large and expensive at $3.99 for three. I wanted twenty so I searched online for the K&C Company label holders she used. I found them at for only $3.79 for a package of five.  I ordered five packages. Shipping was fairly fast.

I attached two saw tooth picture hangers to the back to hang the board. The labels have a sticky film on the back so there was no need to nail them to the board. Using a ruler to keep everything straight, I removed the plastic backing from the labels and pressed them onto the cabinet door. 

 I liked the color of the labels but the shiny gold cup hooks weren’t going to work. I stuck them in some foam and sprayed them with Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze.  

Once the hooks were dry it was time to attach them under the label holders. I could have drilled  some pilot holes but the cabinet wood was fairly thick so I ended up hammering a tiny nail where I wanted each hook to go. Then I screwed them in. I used the labels that came with the label holders but I'm going to replace them using our Dyno Labeler.

This was very easy and ca be made to accommodate a home with a few keys to a company with a lot of keys.