DIY: Dresser Re-do For The Playroom

Playroom Dresser

Several months ago I tried selling my old bedroom set. It's solid wood with well made dovetail joints consisting of a dresser, chest of drawers, and two bed stands.  People wanted it for practically nothing which I just couldn't do so it sat in Kirby's playroom for a long time. Eventually I did sell the bed stands. Meanwhile I started storing Kirby's clothes and numerous sundries in the dresser and moved the chest of drawers to the kitchen for my candles and linens.

Dresser for sale

I knew I wanted a dresser or chest of drawers in the playroom but it needed to be smaller and more playful looking. The cost of a new piece and Pinterest finally encouraged me to re-do the dresser I had. I had a vision in my head and could only hope this dresser could be transformed. So first I removed the mirror which did seem to make the monster in the room less formidable.

dresser re-do

I didn't want it resembling the chest of drawers in the kitchen so I decided it needed to have some whimsical knobs. Removing the drawer pulls left large gaps which needed to be filled. I tried using wood filler which kept shrinking and cracking. Finding this tutorial from Maple and Magnolia led me to The Fix-It Stick.  All I had to do was slice off some putty and squish it until the two colors combined into one.  It was easy to apply right over the wood filler. I over-filled the gaps, let them dry for a few hours, and used my sander until the drawers felt smooth to the touch. Easy, quick, and once painted you would never know those gaps were ever there. 

dresser drawers

The next step was to paint. Kirby's signature colors are blue and carob brown so that's the colors for the playroom. To minimize the size of the dresser I used a slightly lighter color than the wall color so it would blend in rather than stick out. I've been seeing a lot of items done with chalk paint so I wanted to go that route. We have a store in Starkville that stocks the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint but wow is it expensive. We have another flea market type store where people set up booths to sell their wares many of which are done with chalk paint. I got a free sample size of the chalk paint additive and purchased a sampler size container of paint at Lowe's.

I lightly sanded the wood and then added three coats of paint. The chalk additive makes the paint thicker but you would be amazed at how much it covers. It also drys very quickly. The next step would be to distress areas with a fine grit sandpaper but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Maybe I will when it actually gets a scratch or two.

dresser re-painted with chalk paint

Then it was time to wax this beauty. Again Annie Sloan makes both a regular soft wax and a dark wax which I have no doubt do a beautiful job for a lot of money. I was recommended to use Johnson's Paste Wax which also did a beautiful job for less than six dollars.

Doug easily drilled holes for the new knobs. Cleanup was a breeze by using a dry paintbrush to brush the sawdust into a container.

drilled for drawer knobs
drilled for drawer knobs

I plan to make some really cute knobs using polymer clay but that's another post. Meanwhile I came across these ceramic blue knobs for only 97 cents at Lowes. Sold!

Dresser re-do